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dc.contributor.authorExner D
dc.contributor.authorD’Alonzo V
dc.contributor.authorPaoletti G
dc.contributor.authorPascual R
dc.contributor.authorPernetti R
dc.description.abstractThis paper describes the enhanced typology approach we developed as an operative tool for building-stock analysis and its implementation in two case studies. It is based on the outcomes of the IEE Project Tabula, which introduced the classification of residential constructions in reference typologies according to the architectural features and the construction period. These typologies compose the matrix, representing the whole building stock of a territory. The enhanced approach described in this paper is focused on analysis on the urban and inter-municipal levels, and enables estimations of the overall energy demand of the constructions, while associating with each real building the energy performance as calculated for the relative reference typology. Starting from the analysis of building stock, we developed renovation strategies with different levels of interventions (i.e., base, standard, and advanced) for the representative building typologies. Accordingly, we foresaw several energy-saving scenarios considering different renovation rates and levels of intervention for the building typologies, and we identified the most cost-effective renovation strategy on the whole building-stock level. The implementation of the approach on the urban level provides a general overview of the main energy-consuming typologies, identifying the buildings’ needs for renovation and the potential savings. In this regard, the results could constitute effective support for defining tailored policies. We applied the approach within two preparatory studies to develop an integrated energy strategy on the inter-municipal level: the Rotaliana-Königsberg Valley Community and the Passiria Valley. The paper presents the main results of these applications, highlighting the different strategies for the data collection and approaches for the definition of the typologies according to the available sources of information and the main features of the building stock.en_US
dc.relationSSPCR International Conference ; Bolzano : 19.11.2015 - 20.11.2015
dc.titleBuilding-stock analysis for the definition of an energy renovation scenario on the urban scaleen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.publication.titleSmart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions: Results of SSPCR 2015 Editors: Adriano Bisello, Daniele Vettorato, Richard Stephens, Pietro Elisei Publisher: Springer International Publishing Print ISBN: 978-3-319-44898-5

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