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dc.contributor.authorHöger HL
dc.contributor.editorHöger HL
dc.contributor.editorNarduzzo A
dc.contributor.editorPrey K
dc.descriptionIn 'Microstorie di innovazione e impresa' innovation and firms inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, managers are the narrators of stories about the entanglement of innovation and product development. To embrace the subject and to reflect on the dynamics of interconnection between business and design, this publication presents exemplar cases through a selection of projects & couples (designers and project managers). The format of two-voice narratives implies some singular characteristics: first, it allows to unfold both the two logics that usually orient the development and the evolution of projects; second, it creates the ground for exploring, through two parallel accounts, the interdependencies between the two dimensions along the various phases of theproject decision making itself. The 13 encounters presented in this book offer concise insights behind the scenes of business and design for both young entrepreneurs (or students of entrepreneurship and innovation) keen to know more about the dynamics of cooperation with designers, and young designers (or students of design) who desire practice-based information about the initiation and shaping of cooperation with companies and institutions. In this context, the use of the term microstories is not unintended. It emphasizes the aim to preserve the richness, the complexity and the ambiguity of human experience when confronted with the creation of novelty.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe text is describing the character of design processes exemplified through dialogues and relationships between designers and entrepreneurs/clients - focusing on the variety of orientation and results when it comes to "design as added value".en_US
dc.publisherCorraini Edizionien_US
dc.titleNascita e sviluppo di processi creativi: Uno sguardo dietro le quinteen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.publication.titleMicrostorie di innovazione e impresa: Storie di incontri tra design e management

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