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dc.description.abstractThe Package on Human Rights, Minority Protection, Cultural Diversity and Economic and Social Cohesion does not pretend to provide answers to all issues involving minorities, discrimination, human rights or cultural diversity within the European Union and its activities. Its goal is much more modest: to suggest ways in which the common core principles of the European Union and its Member States - democracy, human rights, including respect for minorities, and the rule of law - can be implemented in a changing and expanding context so as to assist integration and full participation in the European Union. The Package focusses on a series of measures which are based on EU powers and principles in the following areas: Human rights, non-discrimination and minority rights; European cultural diversity;  Economic and social cohesion by means of intercultural co-operation.en_US
dc.publisherEuropäische Akademie Bozenen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesArbeitshefte = Quaderni;
dc.titlePackage for Europe: measures for human rights, minority-protection, cultural diversity and economic and social cohesion = Paket für Europa = Pacchetto per l' Europaen_US

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