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    • Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas - Case Study Protocols and Final Synthetic Description for Each Case Study 

      Górriz-Mifsud E; Marini Govigli V; Ravazzoli E; Dalla Torre C; Da Re R; Secco L; Pisani E; Ludvig A; Weiss G; Akinsete E; Barlagne C; Baselice A; Bengoumi M; Brnkalakova S; Dijkshoorn-Dekker M; Egartner S; Gramm V; Hayder M; Herrmann P; Kozova M; Lopolito A; Nawar M; Niedermayr J; Perlik M; Pfusterschmid S; Polman N; Prokofieva I; Prosperi M; Rodríguez C; Sarkki S; Slee B; Spacek M; Udovč A; Vassilopoulos A; Wagner K (2018)
      Deliverable 5.1 provides a common baseline for the data collection of the SIMRA case studies with the aim of reducing biases in data collection, improve the quality of outcomes and limit the emergence of unforeseen risks. ...