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dc.contributor.authorWeiß ML
dc.identifier.uri Transport and Railways-Synthesis.pdf
dc.description.abstractCreating carbon-neutral and 'clean' transportation offers is crucial in mountain regions as mountains are particularly vulnerable to and highly affected by environmental impacts from transport and tourism due to their territorial morphology, their biological and landscape diversity. Multimodal transport solutions aim at combining the strengths of various transportation options to increase the use of public transport and to reduce the use of the car by people travelling to and within mountain regions like the Alps or the Carpathians. Which conditions are needed for multimodal transport solutions to be successful? How can one create attractive soft mobility offers, packages and modern travel information? The publication presents sustainable approaches to multimodal transport, including regional and narrow gauge railways, and soft mobility solutions. It shows how they can be adapted to the context of regions that aim at starting comparable initiatives. It targets at people involved in multimodal passenger transport projects in tourism destinations. The publication was drafted within the SEE ACCESS2MOUNTAIN project and is available free of charge online on
dc.titleMultimodal transport in mountain regions: final synthesis for know-how on awareness raising and trainingen_US

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