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dc.contributor.authorGaglioppa P
dc.contributor.authorGuadagno R
dc.contributor.authorMarino D
dc.contributor.authorMarucci A
dc.contributor.authorPalmieri M
dc.contributor.authorPellegrino D
dc.contributor.authorSchirpke U
dc.contributor.authorCaracausi C
dc.description.abstractForests are important for timber production and provide a wide range of ecosystem services (ES), including water provision and regulation, carbon sequestration, erosion control, and recreational services. However, these services, which are crucial for human well-being, are not sufficiently recognised and rarely included into forest planning. The project LIFE+ Making Good Natura aims to develop innovative governance models for agro-forestry sites of the Natura 2000 network based on ES to achieve new possible mechanisms of (self)financing. This paper provides insights into the biophysical and monetary valuation of nine ES, which were quantified for selected Natura 2000 sites in different regions of Italy. Based on our results, Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) are discussed in relation to forest planning and management suggesting a new concept for the forest planning. Management plans should hence integrate different financial flows, not only wood or timber, but also different ES which provide more interesting income.en_US
dc.subjectForest planningen_US
dc.subjectForest management plan
dc.subjectEcosystem services
dc.subjectNatura 2000
dc.subjectPayments for ecosystem services
dc.titleL’assestamento forestale basato su servizi ecosistemici e pagamenti per servizi ecosistemici: considerazioni a valle del progetto LIFE+ Making Good Naturaen_US

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