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    • Autonomy arrangements around the world: a collection of well and lesser known cases 

      Salat L; Constantin S; Osipov A; Székely IG (Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities [u.a.], 2014)
      The volume is edited by Prof. Levente Salat (Political Science Department of Babes¸-Bolyai University), Dr. Sergiu Constantin (EURAC), Dr. Alexander Osipov (ECMI) and Dr. István Gergo Székely (Romanian Institute for Research ...
    • Practice of minority protection in Central Europe 

      Lantschner E; Constantin S; Marko J (Nomos Verlags-Ges., 2012)
      Academic research on the protection of national minorities often begins and ends with a country-by-country analysis of the legal framework for protection. Very often, however, it is the implementation of legal rules by ...