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dc.contributor.authorSalvadori U
dc.contributor.authorMinelli C
dc.contributor.authorGraziotin B
dc.contributor.authorGentilini I
dc.description.abstractBACKGROUND: The Haemonetics MCS(®)+ cell separator is a device dedicated to the collection of leucoreduced single-donor platelets. The new Universal Platelet protocol has been introduced to improve the efficiency of apheresis and increase flexibility in the collection of leucoreduced platelets in combination with red blood cells and plasma. In this study we compared its performance with that of the previous Concentrated Single Donor Platelet protocol. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This observational study had a within-subject design and involved 135 donors who underwent plateletapheresis with both protocols. The primary end-point was collection efficiency; secondary end-points were other performance indices, such as procedure time and collection rate. A satisfaction questionnaire was also administered to the 135 donors to evaluate opinions on duration, comfort and side-effects of donations with the two protocols. For each parameter of interest, we tested the difference between the two protocols within donors, using a one-sample t-test or exact McNemar's test as appropriate. RESULTS: The collection efficiency of the Universal Platelet protocol was significantly higher than that of the Concentrated Single Donor Platelet protocol (58% vs 47%; p<0.0001). The Universal Platelet Protocol collected more platelets in less time, leading to a higher collection rate (6.5 vs 5.0×10(9)/min; p<0.0001). In general, donors found apheresis with the Universal Platelet protocol of equal duration or faster, of similar or greater comfort and with an equal number or fewer side effects, compared with the Concentrated Single Donor Platelet protocol. DISCUSSION: Our study endorses the use of the new Universal Platelet protocol in daily transfusion practice since it substantially improves collection efficiency in leucoreduced platelet procedures compared with the Concentrated Single Donor Platelet protocol. This technical improvement seems to be accompanied by equal or greater comfort for the donor.en_US
dc.titleSingle-donor platelet apheresis: observational comparison of the new Haemonetics Universal Platelet protocol with the previous Concentrated Single Donor Platelet protocolen_US
dc.journal.titleBlood Transfusion

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