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    • Deep renovation of historic buildings 

      Herrera-Avellanosa D; Haas F; Leijonhufvud G; Brostrom T; Buda A; Pracchi V; Webb A; Hüttler W; Troi A (2019)
      Improving the energy performance of historic buildings has the potential to reduce carbon emissions while protecting built heritage through its continued use. However, implementing energy retrofits in these buildings faces ...
    • Evaluation of natural-based internal insulation systems in historic buildings through a holistic approach 

      Bottino-Leone D; Larcher M; Herrera Avellanosa D; Haas F; Troi A (2019)
      Historic buildings are defining elements of city centres but also responsible for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce their energy demand, it is important to improve envelopes’ thermal transmittance ...