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    • Improvement of Accuracy and Precision of Spectral Irradiance Measurements in Annual Spectroradiometer Intercomparison 

      Halwachs M; Rennhofer M; Galleano R; Zaaiman W; Pravettoni M; Theristis M; Phinikarides A; Riedel N; Thorseth A; Po M; Hoogendijk K; Haverkamp EJ; Minuto A; Tatsiankou V; Roldan R; Marzoli M; Cole IR; Alonso-Álvarez D; Ferretti N; Drobisch A; Belluardo G (2018)
      Energy yield measurement and radiation yield determination in the field of photovoltaics (PV) are subject to fast development regarding estimation uncertainties and error in prediction [1]. Both are determined mainly by ...