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    • Human microevolution and the atlantic slave trade: A case study from Säo Tomé 

      Coelho M; Coia V; Luiselli D; Useli A; Hagemeijer T; Amorim A; Destro-Bisol G; Rocha J (2008)
      Populations derived from the Atlantic slaving process provide unique opportunities for studying key evolutionary determinants of current patterns of human cultural and biological variation. Examination of the genetic ...
    • Italian isolates today: Geographic and linguistic factors shaping human biodiversity 

      Bisol G; Anagnostou P; Batini C; Battaggia C; Bertoncini S; Boattini A; Caciagli L; Calò C; Capelli C; Capocasa M; Castrì L; Ciani G; Coia V; Corrias L; Crivellaro F; Ghiani M; Luiselli D; Mela C; Melis A; Montano V; Paoli G; Sanna E; Rufo F; Sazzini M; Taglloli L; Tofanelli S; Useli A; Vona G; Pettener D (2008)
      We briefly review the current status of anthropological and genetic studies of isolated populations and of their micro-evolutionary and biomedical applications, with particular emphasis on European populations. Thereafter, ...