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    • The peopling of Europe and the cautionary tale of Y chromosome lineage R-M269 

      Busby G; Brisighelli F; Sánchez-Diz P; Ramos-Luis E; Martinez-Cadenas C; Thomas M; Bradley D; Gusmão L; Winney B; Bodmer W; Vennemann M; Coia V; Scarnicci F; Tofanelli S; Vona G; Ploski R; Vecchiotti C; Zemunik T; Rudan I; Karachanak S; Toncheva D; Anagnostou P; Ferri G; Rapone C; Hervig T; Moen T; Wilson J; Capelli C (2012)
      Recently, the debate on the origins of the major European Y chromosome haplogroup R1b1b2-M269 has reignited, and opinion has moved away from Palaeolithic origins to the notion of a younger Neolithic spread of these chromosomes ...