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    • Complete mapping of the tattoos of the 5300-year-old Tyrolean Iceman 

      Samadelli M; Melis M; Miccoli M; Vigl E; Zink A (2015)
      This study documents for the first time the complete mapping of one of the world's most ancient tattoos present on a mummified human body dating back to over 5300 years ago, belonging to the so-called Iceman mummy. For ...
    • New insights into the Tyrolean Iceman's origin and phenotype as inferred by whole-genome sequencing 

      Keller Ab; Graefen A; Ball M; Matzas M; Boisguerin V; Maixner F; Leidinger P; Backes C; Khairat R; Forster M; Stade B; Franke A; Mayer J; Spangler J; McLaughlin S; Shah M; Lee C; Harkins T; Sartori A; Moreno-Estrada A; Henn B; Sikora M; Semino O; Chiaroni J; Rootsi S; Myres N; Cabrera V; Underhill P; Bustamante C; Vigl E; Samadelli M; Cipollini G; Haas J; Katus H; O'Connor Bq; Carlson M; Meder B; Blin Ns; Meese E; Pusch C; Zink A (2012)
      The Tyrolean Iceman, a 5,300-year-old Copper age individual, was discovered in 1991 on the Tisenjoch Pass in the Italian part of the Ötztal Alps. Here we report the complete genome sequence of the Iceman and show 100% ...