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    • The Prevotella copri complex comprises four distinct clades that are underrepresented in Westernized populations 

      Tett A; Huang KD; Asnicar F; Fehlner-Peach H; Pasolli E; Karcher N; Armanini F; Manghi P; Bonham K; Zolfo M; De Filippis F; Magnabosco C; Bonneau R; Lusingu R; Amuasi J; Reinhard K; Rattei T; Boulund F; Engstrand L; Zink A; Collado MC; Littman DR; Eibach D; Ercolini D; Rota-Stabelli O; Huttenhower C; Maixner F; Segata N (2019)
      Prevotella copri is a common human gut microbe that has been both positively and negatively associated with host health. In a cross-continent meta-analysis exploiting >6,500 metagenomes, we obtained >1,000 genomes and ...