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    • Yearbook of mummy studies 

      Gill-Frerking H; Rosendahl W; Zink A; Piombino Mascali D (Pfeil, 2011)
      Bodies with any type of preserved soft tissue are considered mummies. The international multidisciplinary research field of Mummy Studies incorporates research from anthropology, medicine and numerous other fields in order ...
    • Yearbook of Mummy Studies 2 (Addendum) 

      Gill-Frerking H; Rosendhal W; Zink A (Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, 2014)
    • Yearbook of mummy studies [vol. 2] 

      Gill-Frerking H; Rosendahl W; Zink A; Alterauge A (Pfeil, 2014)
      The papers in this second volume of the Yearbook of Mummy Studies reflect some of the diversity of research in the field. The subject areas covered include paleopathology, palynology, entomology, biochemistry, medical ...