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    • B-lines after ascent to high altitude by flight vs. climbing 

      Strapazzon G; Procter E; Vezzaro R; Hofer G; Dal Cappello T; Pohl M; Schenk K; Rauch S; Brugger H (2015)
      Objective: To compare the incidence of B-lines and changes in clinical parameters in participants acutely exposed to hypobaric hypoxia after ascending to high altitude by flight vs. climbing. Study design: Cross-section ...
    • Effects of snow properties on humans breathing into an artificial air pocket - an experimental field study 

      Strapazzon G; Paal P; Schweizer J; Falk M; Reuter B; Schenk K; Gatterer H; Grasegger K; Dal Cappello T; Malacrida S; Riess L; Brugger H (2017)
      Breathing under snow, e.g. while buried by a snow avalanche, is possible in the presence of an air pocket, but limited in time as hypoxia and hypercapnia rapidly develop. Snow properties influence levels of hypoxia and ...
    • Notfallmedizin im alpinen Gelände – Schock-, Schmerztherapie und Atemwegssicherung 

      Rauch S; Schenk K; Rainer B; Strapazzon G; Paal P; Brugger H (2016)
      Rettungseinsätze im alpinen Gelände stellen das Rettungsteam vor besondere Herausforderungen und unterscheiden sich oft wesentlich von urbanen Rettungseinsätzen. Angesichts der zunehmenden Sport- und Freizeitaktivitäten ...