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    • Earth observation as a tool for tracking progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets 

      O’Connor B; Secades C; Penner J; Sonnenschein R; Skidmore A; Burgess N D; Hutton JM (2015)
      Biodiversity is continuing to decline. This crisis has been recognised by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), whose members have set ambitious targets to avert ongoing declines in the state of biodiversity by ...
    • Framing the concept of satellite remote sensing essential biodiversity variables: challenges and future directions 

      Pettorelli N; Wegmann M; Skidmore A; Mücher S; DawsonTP; Fernandez M; Lucas R; Schaepman ME; Wang T; O’Connor B; Jongman RHG; Kempeneers P; Sonnenschein R; Leidner AK; Böhm M; He KS; Nagendra H; Dubois G; Fatoyinbo T; Hansen MC; Paganini M; de Klerk HN; Asner GP; Kerr JT; Estes AB; Schmeller DS; Heiden U; Rocchini D; Pereira HM; Turak E; Fernandez N; Lausch A; Cho MA; Alcaraz-Segura D; McGeoch MA; Turner W; Mueller A; St-Louis V; Penner J; Vihervaara P; Belward A; Reyers B; Geller GN (2016)
      Although satellite-based variables have for long been expected to be key components to a unified and global biodiversity monitoring strategy, a definitive and agreed list of these variables still remains elusive. The ...