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    • Framing the concept of satellite remote sensing essential biodiversity variables: challenges and future directions 

      Pettorelli N; Wegmann M; Skidmore A; Mücher S; DawsonTP; Fernandez M; Lucas R; Schaepman ME; Wang T; O’Connor B; Jongman RHG; Kempeneers P; Sonnenschein R; Leidner AK; Böhm M; He KS; Nagendra H; Dubois G; Fatoyinbo T; Hansen MC; Paganini M; de Klerk HN; Asner GP; Kerr JT; Estes AB; Schmeller DS; Heiden U; Rocchini D; Pereira HM; Turak E; Fernandez N; Lausch A; Cho MA; Alcaraz-Segura D; McGeoch MA; Turner W; Mueller A; St-Louis V; Penner J; Vihervaara P; Belward A; Reyers B; Geller GN (2016)
      Although satellite-based variables have for long been expected to be key components to a unified and global biodiversity monitoring strategy, a definitive and agreed list of these variables still remains elusive. The ...