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    • Satellite remote sensing of ecosystem functions: opportunities, challenges and way forward 

      Pettorelli N; Schulte to Buhne H; Tulloch A; Dubois G; Macinnis-Ng C; Queiros AM; Keith DA; Wegmann M; Schrodt F; Stellmes M; Sonnenschein R; Geller GN; Roy S; Somers B; Murray N; Bland L; Geijzendorffer I; Kerr JT; Broszeit S; Leitao PJ; Duncan C; El Serafy G; He KS; Blanchard JL; Lucas R; Mairota P; Webb TJ; Nicholson E (2017)
      Societal, economic and scientific interests in knowing where biodiversity is, how it is faring and what can be done to efficiently mitigate further biodiversity loss and the associated loss of ecosystem services are at an ...