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    • Bathymetry and composition of Titan’s Ontario Lacus derived from Monte Carlo-based waveform inversion of Cassini RADAR altimetry data 

      Mastrogiuseppe M; Hayes AG; Poggiali V; Lunine JI; Lorenz RD; Seu R; Le Gall A; Notarnicola C; Mitchell KL; Malaska M; Birch SPD (2018)
      Recently, the Cassini RADAR was used to sound hydrocarbon lakes and seas on Saturn’s moon Titan. Since the initial discovery of echoes from the seabed of Ligeia Mare, the second largest liquid body on Titan, a dedicated ...

      Lopes RMC; Wall SD; Elachi C; Birch SPD; Corlies P; Coustenis A; Hayes AG; Hofgartner JD; Janssen MA; Kirk RL; Legall A; Lorenz RD; Lunine JI; Malaska MJ; Mastroguiseppe M; Mitri G; Neish CD; Notarnicola C; Paganelli F; Paillou P; Poggiali V; Radebaugh J; Rodriguez S; Schoenfeld A; Soderblom JM; Solomonidou A; Stofan ER; Stiles BW; Tosi F; Turtle EP; West RD; Wood CA; Zebker HA; Barnes JW; Casarano D; Encrenaz P; Farr T; Grima C; Hemingway D; Karatekin O; Lucas A; Mitchell KL; Ori G; Orosei R; Ries P; Riccio D; Soderblom LA; Zhang Z (2019)
      Titan was a mostly unknown world prior to the Cassini spacecraft’s arrival in July 2004. We review the major scientific advances made by Cassini’s Titan Radar Mapper (RADAR) during 13 years of Cassini’s exploration of ...