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    • Validation of SMAP surface soil moisture products with core validation sites 

      Colliander A; Jackson TJ; Bindlish R; Chan S; Das N; Kim SB; Cosh M H; Dunbar RS; Dang L; Pashaian L; Asanuma J; Aida K; Berg A; Rowlandson T; Bosch D; Caldwell T; Caylor K; Goodrich D; al Jassar H; Lopez-Baeza E; Martínez-Fernández J; González-Zamora A; Livingston S; McNairn H; Pacheco A; Moghaddam M; Montzka C; Notarnicola C; Niedrist G; Pellarin T; Prueger J; Pulliainen J; Rautiainen K; Ramos J; Seyfried M; Starks P; Su Z; Zeng Y; van der Velde R; Thibeault M; Dorigo W; Vreugdenhil M; Walker JP; Wu X; Monerris A; O'Neill PE; Entekhabi D; Njoku EG; Yueh S (2017)
      The NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission has utilized a set of core validation sites as the primary methodology in assessing the soil moisture retrieval algorithm performance. Those sites provide well-calibrated ...
    • Wind Effect on PV Module Temperature: Analysis of Different Techniques for an Accurate Estimation 

      Schwingshackl C; Petitta M; Wagner JE; Belluardo G; Moser D; Castelli M; Zebisch M; Tetzlaff A (2013)
      Photovoltaic (PV) module temperature predictions are crucial to accurately assess the efficiency of PV installations. In this study we focus on the cooling effect of wind on PV cell temperature. We show that for most of ...