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    • Outlook on climate change adaptation in the Carpathian mountains 

      Alberton M; Andresen M; Cittadino F; Egerer H; Fritsch U; Götsch H; Hoffmann C; Klemm J; Mitrofanenko A; Musco E; Noellenburg N; Pettita M; Renner K; Zebisch M (UN Environment Program, 2017)
      The “Outlook on climate change adaptation in the Carpathian Mountains” has analyzed any available national and sectoral policy or strategy, addressing the most pressing climate change related risks for the Carpathian ...
    • Why Do Federal Studies Matter and What Does Matter? 

      Palermo F (2019)
      In present times, federal studies are more topical than ever. This holds true, however, only if they focus on the key problems of contemporary societies they can help to address. Why then are federal studies so important ...
    • Why Federalism Matters 

      Palermo F; Kössler K (2019)
      Why are federal and regional systems looked at with increasing interest? What are their objectives? How do these systems look like in times of globalization and supranational integration? How are powers divided legally and ...