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    • Assessment of climate change effects on mountain ecosystems through a cross-site analysis in the Alps and Apennines 

      Rogora M; Frate L; Carranza ML; Freppaz M; Stanisci A; Bertani I; Bottarin R; Brambilla A; Canullo R; Carbognani M; Cerrato C; Chelli S; Cremonese E; Cutini M; Di Musciano M; Erschbamer B; Godone D; Iocchi M; Isabellon M; Magnani A; Mazzola L; Morra di Cella U; Pauli H; Petey M; Petriccione B; Porro F; Psenner R; Rossetti G; Scotti A; Sommaruga R; Tappeiner U; Theurillat J-P; Tomaselli M; Viglietti D; Viterbi R; Vittoz P; Winkler M; Matteucci G (2018)
      Mountain ecosystems are sensitive and reliable indicators of climate change. Long-term studies may be extremely useful in assessing the responses of high-elevation ecosystems to climate change and other anthropogenic drivers ...