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    • LTSER platforms as a place-based transdisciplinary research infrastructure: learning landscape approach through evaluation 

      Angelstam P; Manton M; Elbakidze M; Sijtsma F; Cristian Adamescu M; Avni N; Beja P; Bezak P; Zyablikova I; Cruz F; Bretagnolle V; Díaz-Delgado R; Ens B; Fedoriak M; Flaim G; Gingrich S; Lavi-Neeman M; Medinets S; Melecis V; Muñoz-Rojas J; Schäckermann J; Stocker-Kiss A; Setälä H; Stryamets N; Taka M; Tallec G; Tappeiner U; Törnblom J; Yamelynets (2019)
      Abstract Context Place-based transdisciplinary research involves multiple academic disciplines and non-academic actors. Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research (LTSER) platform is one concept with * 80 initiatives ...
    • Research questions to facilitate the future development of European long-term ecosystem research infrastructures: A horizon scanning exercise 

      Musche M; Adamescu M; Angelstam P; Bacherd S; Bäck J; Buss HL; Duffy C; Flaim G; Gaillardet J; Giannakis GV; Haase P; Halada L; Kissling WD; Lundin L; Matteucci G; Meesenburg H; Monteith D; Nikolaidis N; Pipan T; Pyšek P; Rowe E; Roy D; Sier A; Tappeiner U; Vilà M; White T; Zobel M; Klotz S (2019)
       Distributed environmental research infrastructures are important to support assessments of the effects of global change on landscapes, ecosystems and society. These infrastructures need to provide continuity to address ...