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    • What is socio-ecological research delivering? A literature survey across 25 international LTSER platforms 

      Dick J; Orenstein DE; Holzer JM; Wohner C; Achard A-L; Andrews C; Avriel-Avni N; Beja P; Blond N; Cabello J; Chen C; Díaz-Delgado R; Giannakis GV; Gingrich S; Izakovicova Z; Krauze K; Lamouroux N; Leca S; Melecis V; Miklós K; Mimikou M; Niedrist G; Piscart C; Postolache C; Psomas A; Santos-Reis M; Tappeiner U; Vanderbilt K; Van Ryckegem G (2018)
      With an overarching goal of addressing global and regional sustainability challenges, Long Term Socio-Ecological Research Platforms (LTSER) aim to conduct place-based research, to collect and synthesize both environmental ...