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dc.contributor.authorMcEvilly G
dc.contributor.authorFischer CD
dc.description.abstractThe workshop on key success factors for horticultural supply chains and the supply chain of the future aimed at synthesising organisational, technological and industry views, adopting the format of a discussion session. After short presentations by four invited speakers each with a different professional background, the audience was actively invited to enter into discussion with the speakers by providing views and experiences from their own professional activities. The main finding about the key factors affecting success of horticultural supply chains was that future competitiveness will rely on a collaboration-based industry striving to achieve scale, backed up by innovation. This indicates the need for an improved "supply chain" knowledge about industry needs, as well as science and technology solutions, between producers, marketers and researchers. The supply chain of the future will be people-centred, more consumer-oriented and quality-driven, more technologyintensive and focusing either on local or export markets, each of which poses their own particular challenges. Evaluation of the workshop by participants revealed high levels of satisfaction regarding format and outcome, suggesting that such discussion sessions may be valuable interaction platforms for future conferences.en_US
dc.titleSupply chain workshop: Summary of key success factors for horticultural supply chains and the supply chain of the futureen_US
dc.journal.titleActa Horticulturae

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