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dc.contributor.authorSchaller L
dc.contributor.authorTargetti S
dc.contributor.authorVillanueva AJ
dc.contributor.authorZasada I
dc.contributor.authorKantelhardt J
dc.contributor.authorArriaza M
dc.contributor.authorBal T
dc.contributor.authorBossi Fedrigotti V
dc.contributor.authorHandan Giray F
dc.contributor.authorHäfner K
dc.contributor.authorMajewski E
dc.contributor.authorMalak-Rawlikowska A
dc.contributor.authorNikolov D
dc.contributor.authorPaoli JC
dc.contributor.authorPiorr A
dc.contributor.authorRodríguez-Entrena M
dc.contributor.authorUngaro F
dc.contributor.authorVerburg PH
dc.contributor.authorvan Zanten B
dc.contributor.authorViaggi D
dc.description.abstractAgricultural landscapes affect regional development and competitiveness in a way far beyond the production of agricultural commodities. However, comprehensive assessments of the relevant cause-effects between agricultural landscape and regional competitiveness are complex and they require a range of ecological, economic and social aspects to be considered. This study proposes an stakeholder-based ‘Analytic Network Process’ applied in nine European case-study areas in order to assess the role of economic actors, ecosystem services, socio-economic benefits and regional competitiveness in the agricultural landscape system. The results reveal that agricultural food production is still perceived as a major element for creating value from landscapes. However in some case studies, the importance of non-marketable, socio-cultural and environmental public good-type ecosystem services outweighs the importance of agricultural production. Region-specific variations of cause-effect relationships are discussed and a range of drivers, related to biophysical conditions, land-use patterns, agricultural management and remoteness are identified. Our study reveals the perception of non-monetary services and their impact on regional competitiveness and provides considerations on entry points for rural policies promoting landscape valorisation. © 2018 The Authorsen_US
dc.titleAgricultural landscapes, ecosystem services and regional competitiveness: Assessing drivers and mechanisms in nine European case study areasen_US
dc.journal.titleLand Use Policy

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