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    • Genetic determinants of circulating sphingolipid concentrations in European populations 

      Hicks AA; Pramstaller PP; Johansson A; Vitart V; Rudan I; Ugocsai P; Aulchenko Y; Franklin CS; Liebisch G; Erdmann J; Jonasson I; Zorkoltseva IV; Pattaro C; Hayward C; Isaacs A; Hengstenberg C; Campbell S; Gnewuch C; Janssens AC; Kirichenko AV; König IR; Marroni F; Polasek O; Demirkan A; Kolcic I; Schwienbacher C; Igl W; Biloglav Z; Witteman JC; Pichler I; Zaboli G; Axenovich TI; Peters A; Schreiber S; Wichmann HE; Schunkert H; Hastie N; Oostra BA; Wild SH; Meitinger T; Gyllensten U; van Duijn CM; Wilson JF; Wright A; Schmitz G; Campbell H (2009)
      Sphingolipids have essential roles as structural components of cell membranes and in cell signalling, and disruption of their metabolism causes several diseases, with diverse neurological, psychiatric, and metabolic ...
    • Genome-wide association study identifies novel loci associated with circulating phospho- and sphingolipid concentrations 

      Demirkan A; van Duijn CM; Ugocsai P; Isaacs A; Pramstaller PP; Liebisch G; Wilson JF; Johansson Å; Rudan I; Aulchenko YS; Kirichenko AV; Janssens AC; Jansen RC; Gnewuch C; Domingues FS; Pattaro C; Wild SH; Jonasson I; Polasek O; Zorkoltseva IV; Hofman A; Karssen LC; Struchalin M; Floyd J; Igl W; Biloglav Z; Broer L; Pfeufer A; Pichler I; Campbell S; Zaboli G; Kolcic I; Rivadeneira F; Huffman J; Hastie ND; Uitterlinden A; Franke L; Franklin CS; Vitart V; DIAGRAM Consortium; Nelson CP; Preuss M; CARDIoGRAM Consortium; Bis JC; O'Donnell CJ; Franceschini N; CHARGE Consortium; Witteman JC; Axenovich T; Oostra BA; Meitinger T; Hicks AA; Hayward C; Wright AF; Gyllensten U; Campbell H; Schmitz G; EUROSPAN Consortium (2012)
      Phospho- and sphingolipids are crucial cellular and intracellular compounds. These lipids are required for active transport, a number of enzymatic processes, membrane formation, and cell signalling. Disruption of their ...
    • Plasma phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin concentrations are associated with depression and anxiety symptoms in a Dutch family-based lipidomics study 

      Demirkan A; Isaacs A; Ugocsai P; Liebisch G; Struchalin M; Rudan I; Wilson JF; Pramstaller PP; Gyllensten U; Campbell H; Schmitz G; Oostra BA; van Duijn CM (2013)
      The central nervous system has the second highest concentration of lipids after adipose tissue. Alterations in neural membrane phospho- and sphingolipid composition can influence crucial intra- and intercellular signalling ...