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    • Huntington CAG repeat size does not modify onset age in familial Parkinson's disease: the GenePD study 

      McNicoll CF; Latourelle JC; MacDonald ME; Lew MF; Suchowersky O; Klein C; Golbe LI; Mark MH; Growdon JH; Wooten GF; Watts RL; Guttman M; Racette BA; Perlmutter JS; Ahmed A; Shill HA; Singer C; SaintHilaire MH; Massood T; Huskey KW; DeStefano AL; Gillis T; Mysore J; Goldwurm S; Pezzoli G; Baker KB; Itin I; Litvan I; Nicholson G; Corbett A; Nance M; Drasby E; Isaacson S; Burn DJ; Chinnery PF; Pramstaller PP; Al-Hinti J; Moller AT; Ostergaard K; Sherman SJ; Roxburgh R; Snow B; Slevin JT; Cambi F; Gusella JF; Myers RH (2008)
      The ATP/ADP ratio reflects mitochondrial function and has been reported to be influenced by the size of the Huntington disease gene (HD) repeat. Impaired mitochondrial function has long been implicated in the pathogenesis ...