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    • Absence of previously reported variants in the SCNA (G88C and G209A), NR4A2 (T291D and T245G) and the DJ-1 (T497C) genes in familial Parkinson's disease from the GenePD study 

      Karamohamed S; Golbe LI; Mark MH; Lazzarini AM; Suchowersky O; Labelle N; Guttman M; Currie LJ; Wooten GF; Stacy M; Saint-Hilaire M; Feldman RG; Liu J; Shoemaker CM; Wilk JB; DeStefano AL; Latourelle JC; Xu G; Watts R; Growdon J; Lew M; Waters C; Vieregge P; Pramstaller PP; Klein C; Racette BA; Perlmutter JS; Parsian A; Singer C; Montgomery E; Baker K; Gusella JF; Herbert A; Myers RH (2005)
      Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder in which relatives of the probands are affected approximately 4 times as frequently as relatives of control subjects. Several genes have been implicated as genetic ...
    • BDNF genetic variants are associated with onset age of familial Parkinson disease: GenePD Study 

      Karamohamed S; Latourelle JC; Racette BA; Perlmutter JS; Wooten GF; Lew M; Klein C; Shill H; Golbe LI; Mark MH; Guttman M; Nicholson G; Wilk JB; Saint-Hilaire M; DeStefano AL; Prakash R; Tobin S; Williamson J; Suchowersky O; Labell N; Growdon BN; Singer C; Watts R; Goldwurm S; Pezzoli G; Baker KB; Giroux ML; Pramstaller PP; Burn DJ; Chinnery P; Sherman S; Vieregge P; Litvan I; Gusella JF; Myers RH; Parsian A (2005)
      Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) stimulates neuronal growth and protects nigral dopamine neurons in animal models of Parkinson disease (PD). Therefore, BDNF is a candidate gene for PD. The authors investigated five ...