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    • HDAC Inhibition Improves the Sarcoendoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+-ATPase Activity in Cardiac Myocytes 

      Meraviglia V; Bocchi L; Sacchetto R; Florio MC; Motta BM; Corti C; Weichenberger CX; Savi; D'Elia Y; Rosato-Siri MD; Suffredini S; Piubelli C; Pompilio G; Pramstaller PP; Domingues F; Rossini A; Stilli D (2018)
      SERCA2a is the Ca2+ ATPase playing the major contribution in cardiomyocyte (CM) calcium removal. Its activity can be regulated by both modulatory proteins and several post-translational modifications. The aim of the present ...