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    • Mitochondrial dysfunction in fibroblasts of Multiple System Atrophy 

      Monzio Compagnoni G; Kleiner G; Bordoni A; Fortunato F; Ronchi D; Salani S; Guida M; Corti C; Pichler I; Bergamini C; Fato R; Pellecchia MT; Vallelunga A; Del Sorbo F; Elia A; Reale C; Garavaglia B; Mora G; Albanese A; Cogiamanian F; Ardolino G; Bresolin N; Corti S; Comi GP; Quinzii CM; Di Fonzo A (2018)
      Multiple System Atrophy is a severe neurodegenerative disorder which is characterized by a variable clinical presentation and a broad neuropathological spectrum. The pathogenic mechanisms are almost completely unknown. In ...