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    • Meta-analysis identifies multiple loci associated with kidney function-related traits in east Asian populations 

      Okada Y; Sim X; Go MJ; Wu JY; Gu D; Takeuchi F; Takahashi A; Maeda S; Tsunoda T; Chen P; Lim SC; Wong TY; Liu J; Young TL; Aung T; Seielstad M; Teo YY; Kim YJ; Lee JY; Han BG; Kang D; Chen CH; Tsai FJ; Chang LC; Fann SJ; Mei H; Rao DC; Hixson JE; Chen S; Katsuya T; Isono M; Ogihara T; Chambers JC; Zhang W; Kooner JS; KidneyGen Consortium; CKDGen Consortium; Albrecht E; GUGC consortium; Yamamoto K; Kubo M; Nakamura Y; Kamatani N; Kato N; He J; Chen YT; Cho YS; Tai ES; Tanaka T (2012)
      Chronic kidney disease (CKD), impairment of kidney function, is a serious public health problem, and the assessment of genetic factors influencing kidney function has substantial clinical relevance. Here, we report a ...