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    • Implications of ICU triage decisions on patient mortality: a cost-effectiveness analysis 

      Edbrooke DL; Minelli C; Mills GH; Iapichino G; Pezzi A; Corbella D; Jacobs P; Lippert A; Wiis J; Pesenti A; Patroniti N; Pirracchio R; Payen D; Gurman G; Bakker J; Kesecioglu J; Hargreaves C; Cohen SL; Baras M; Artigas A; Sprung CL (2011)
      INTRODUCTION: Intensive care is generally regarded as expensive, and as a result beds are limited. This has raised serious questions about rationing when there are insufficient beds for all those referred. However, the ...
    • Reasons for refusal of admission to intensive care and impact on mortality 

      Iapichino G; Corbella D; Minelli C; Mills GH; Artigas A; Edbooke DL; Pezzi A; Kesecioglu J; Patroniti N; Baras M; Sprung CL (2010)
      PURPOSE: To identify factors influencing triage decisions and investigate whether admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) could reduce mortality compared with treatment on the ward. METHODS: A multicentre cohort study ...