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    • 100 % Regionalität: Mehrwert für Tourismusorte? 

      Hoffmann C; Corradini P (2019)
      At: Jahreskonferenz Alpine Pearls ; Pfelders, Moos, Passeiertal ; 12/10/2019 - 14/10/2019 ; Dass 100% Regionalität einen Mehrwert für Tourismusorte darstellt, scheint hier eine Tautologie zu sein! Ad hoc könnte das ...
    • 100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg – Europa und Europaregion: von den Grenzen von 1918 zu den Netzwerken 2018 

      Fink M; Rautz G (Europaregion Tirol - Südtirol - Trentino, 2019)
    • 1000 Genomes-based meta-analysis identifies 10 novel loci for kidney function 

      Gorski M; van der Most PJ; Teumer A; Chu AY; Li M; Mijatovic V; Nolte IM; Cocca M; Taliun D; Gomez F; Li Y; Tayo B; Tin A; Feitosa MF; Aspelund T; Attia J; Biffar R; Bochud M; Boerwinkle E; Borecki I; Bottinger EP; Chen MH; Chouraki V; Ciullo M; Coresh J; Cornelis MC; Curhan GC; D'Adamo AP; Dehghan A; Dengler L; Ding J; Eiriksdottir G; Endlich K; Enroth S; Esko T; Franco OH; Gasparini P; Gieger C; Girotto G; Gottesman O; Gudnason V; Gyllensten U; Hancock SJ; Harris TB; Helmer C; Höllerer S; Hofer E; Hofman A; Holliday EG; Homuth G; Hu FB; Huth C; Hutri-Kähönen N; Hwang SJ; Imboden M; Johansson Å; Kähönen M; König W; Kramer H; Krämer BK; Kumar A; Kutalik Z; Lambert JC; Launer LJ; Lehtimäki T; de Borst M; Navis G; Swertz M; Liu Y; Lohman K; Loos RJF; Lu Y; Lyytikäinen LP; McEvoy MA; Meisinger C; Meitinger T; Metspalu A; Metzger M; Mihailov E; Mitchell P; Nauck M; Oldehinkel AJ; Olden M; Wjh Penninx B; Pistis G; Pramstaller PP; Probst-Hensch N; Raitakari OT; Rettig R; Ridker PM; Rivadeneira F; Robino A; Rosas SE; Ruderfer D; Ruggiero D; Saba Y; Sala C; Schmidt H; Schmidt R; Scott RJ; Sedaghat S; Smith AV; Sorice R; Stengel B; Stracke S; Strauch K; Toniolo D; Uitterlinden AG; Ulivi S; Viikari JS; Völker U; Vollenweider P; Völzke H; Vuckovic D; Waldenberger M; Jin Wang J; Yang Q; Chasman DI; Tromp G; Snieder H; Heid IM; Fox CS; Köttgen A; Pattaro C; Böger CA; Fuchsberger C (2017)
      HapMap imputed genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have revealed >50 loci at which common variants with minor allele frequency >5% are associated with kidney function. GWAS using more complete reference sets for imputation, ...
    • 15 Villa-Vigoni-Thesen zur Lexikografie 

      Abel A (Villa Vigoni, 2018)
      Vom 26.11.2018 bis zum 28.11.2018 haben sich in der Villa Vigoni am Comer See 18 SpezialistInnen aus der Wörterbuchforschung, der praktischen Lexikografie, dem Bereich Deutsch als Fremdsprache, der Italianistik, den ...
    • The 1st World Congress on AGRITOURISM 

      Streifeneder T; Barbieri C (2019)
      Agritourism offers farmers the possibility of diversifying and generating additional income through on-farm touristic activities in order to help supplementing their low agricultural income. This helps to maintain the ...
    • 2.5 - Thermal City: Comprehensive Guide to the Heating and Cooling of Urban Areas 

      Sparber W; Fedrizzi R; Dipasquale C (Elsevier, 2018)
      Direct heat uses in the residential and the different productive sectors amounted to around 50,000 TWh of primary energy in 2014 (IEA, 2016), which corresponded to around 30% of the global energy consumption. A reliable ...
    • 2.7 - Renewable Malls: Transforming Shopping Centres Into Flexible, Decarbonized Urban Energy Assets 

      Barchi G; Moser D; Lollini R (Elsevier, 2018)
      Urban systems de-carbonization is achievable if supported by measures for energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy sources (RES). In this context, a key role can be played by shopping malls. They are usually ...
    • 2.8 - Photovoltaic City: Effective Approaches to Integrated Urban Solar Power 

      Moser D; Lovati M; Maturi L (Elsevier, 2018)
      Photovoltaic (PV) energy systems are on their way to becoming the cheapest form of electricity production in most countries during the coming years. It has already reached a cost level that makes it competitive in several ...
    • 20 anni legge 482: Esperienze e aspettative delle minoranze 

      Rautz G (2019)
      At: Covegno legge 482/1999 ; Bolzano/Bozen ; 25/11/2019
    • The 2018 Lake Louise Acute Mountain Sickness Score 

      Roach RC; Hackett PH; Oelz O; Bärtsch P; Luks AM; MacInnis MJ; Baillie JK; Lake Louise AMS Score Consensus Committee (2018)
      Roach, Robert C., Peter H. Hackett, Oswald Oelz, Peter Bärtsch, Andrew M. Luks, Martin J. MacInnis, J. Kenneth Baillie, and The Lake Louise AMS Score Consensus Committee. The 2018 Lake Louise Acute Mountain Sickness Score. ...
    • 2019: tramonto o rilancio dell’Unione Europea? 

      Palermo F (Istituto della enciclopedia italiana, 2019)
      In: Treccani Atlante Geopolitico 2019 ; Istituto della enciclopedia italiana (2019 ; Rome ; Istituto della enciclopedia italiana)
    • 25 Jahre Bozner Methode: Terminologiearbeit in Südtirol 

      Chiocchetti E; Kranebitter K; Ralli N; Stanizzi I (Springer Vieweg, 2019)
      In: Terminologie: Epochen, Schwerpunkte, Umsetzungen: zum 25-jährigen Bestehen des Rats für deutschsprachige Terminologie ; Drewer P, Pulitano D (2019, Berlin, Springer Vieweg) ; 1992 wurde das heutige Institut für ...
    • 2D-Hygrothermal Simulation of Historical Solid Walls 

      Pascucci M; Lucchi E (2016)
      At: CAADence in Architecture ; Budapest ; 16/06/2016 - 17/06/2016 : In: Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design, Budapest, Hungary, 16th-17th June 2016. Edited by Mihály Szoboszlai, Department of ...
    • 2q37 as a susceptibility locus for idiopathic basal ganglia calcification (IBGC) in a large South Tyrolean family 

      Volpato CB; De Grandi A; Buffone E; Facheris M; Gebert U; Schifferle G; Schönhuber R; Hicks A; Pramstaller PP (2009)
      Familial idiopathic basal ganglia calcification (FIBGC) is an inherited neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the accumulation of calcium deposits in different brain regions, particularly in the basal ganglia. FIBGC ...
    • 3.5 - Multiple Benefits of Smart Urban Energy Transition 

      Bisello A; Vettorato D (Elsevier, 2018)
      This chapter offers an introduction to the multiple benefits concept, as a new paradigm to assess smart urban energy transition projects. By framing all the relevant positive outcomes and linking them to specific stakeholders, ...
    • 32-channel time-correlated-single-photon-counting system for high-throughput lifetime imaging 

      Peronio P; Labanca I; Acconcia G; Ruggeri A; Lavdas AA; Hicks AA; Pramstaller PP; Ghioni M; Rech I (2017)
      Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) is a very efficient technique for measuring weak and fast optical signals, but it is mainly limited by the relatively "long" measurement time. Multichannel systems have been ...
    • 3D-cultivation of NSCLC cell lines induce gene expression alterations of key cancer-associated pathways and mimic in-vivo conditions 

      Gamerith G; Rainer J; Huber JM; Hackl H; Trajanoski Z; Koeck S; Lorenz E; Kern J; Kofler R; Kellm JM; Zwierzina H; Amann A (2017)
      This work evaluated gene expression differences between a hanging-drop 3D NSCLC model and 2D cell cultures and their in-vivo relevance by comparison to patient-derived data from The Cancer Genome Atlas. Gene expression of ...