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dc.contributor.authorFuad-Luke A
dc.contributor.authorHirscher A
dc.description.abstractAgents of Alternatives explores the visions, actions, tools and impacts of ‘alternativ-ists’ who are applying creative practices to forge plausible, alternative ways of working and living. It presents an integrated framework for navigating a collection of essays, interviews and case studies from well-known international contributors and local activists. These originate from diverse fields, including design, the arts, architecture, education, politics, economics, urban planning and city administration, social enterprises, non-governmental organisations, and experts on the Commons. They show how to engage with the locale, communities and distributed diasporas. Through their voices and actions they enable professionals, amateurs and citizens to understand the rich possibilities of creating and designing together in open, participatory and imaginative ways. This book is an essential reference for anyone who wishes to become part of positive societal change. We hope it inspires teachers, students, activists, alternative life-stylers, and citizens who wish to re-design our realities. Featuring: Aalto Lab Mexico, A Guidebook of Alternative Nows, Anselma, A year of living Open Source, Bring Your Own Biennale, Community Lover’s Guide to the Universe, Design Driven City, European Alternatives, Global Village Construction Set, Institute of Design Research Vienna, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, Kuutio, Make{able}, Neighbourhood Labs, Fashion & Code, Open Green Map, OpenWear, Pixelache Festival, Repair Café, Satokartta, Tactical Technology Collective, The Beach Amsterdam, The Public School, Thinkfarm, Trade School, workstation ideenwerkstatt e.V., and ZEGG Centre for Experimental Cultural and Social Design. With essays by: Cindy Kohtala, David Bollier, Frigga Haug, Michel Bauwens, Martin Parker, Otto von Busch, University of the Neighbourhoods, Valerie A. Brown & John A. Harris and the editors.en_US
dc.publisherAgents of Alternativesen_US
dc.titleAgents of alternatives: Re-designing our realitiesen_US

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