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dc.contributor.authorDodero, G
dc.contributor.authorStefanova, E
dc.contributor.authorMiranowicz, M
dc.contributor.authorVertan, C
dc.contributor.authorMusankoviene, V
dc.contributor.authorRatcheva, D
dc.contributor.editorBoyanov, K [et al.]
dc.description.abstractCommunities of practice for teachers are emerging, where the issues of life long learning of in-service teacher is supported by a collective effort and by applying modern methodologies and tools. The paper describes how effective support to teachers communities is achieved by means of a Virtual Training Center, that is the virtual meeting place of the community, which was built during the I*Teach pilot project. Teachers who have similar goals, but few opportunities to physically meet each other and with other project participants, may share information and discussions about the development phases that precede and follow the actual application of the proposed methodologies and tools within their classrooms.en_US
dc.titleThe virtual training center: A support tool for teachers communityen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.publication.titleResearch in informatic and information society technologies : proceedings of the 3rd balkan conference in informatics, September 27-29, 2007 Sofia, Bulgaria. 2

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