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dc.contributor.authorRauch E
dc.contributor.authorMatt DT
dc.contributor.authorDallasega P
dc.description.abstractAxiomatic Design (AD) is applied not only in product development, but also in many other applications. Through the systematic approach and the consideration of Independence Axiom and information Axiom, even highly complex projects can be mastered reducing the complexity in the design task. In addition to product design, system design, software design and many other fields, Axiomatic Design is also used in the design of manufacturing systems. In form of a literature review, this paper studies the beginnings of AD in Manufacturing System Design and its development in the field of production. The data basis of this analysis are the works indexed in the Scopus about Manufacturing Systems with the keyword Axiomatic Design. In a first step, the paper examines, when the application of AD in Manufacturing System Design has begun and investigates the number and type of publications dealing with this methodology in Manufacturing. In a second step, the paper explores for which specific topics AD has been applied over the years, and which are current and future tasks for AD in Manufacturing System Design.en_US
dc.titleApplication of Axiomatic Design in Manufacturing System Design: a literature reviewen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.publication.titleThe 10th International Conference on Axiomatic Design (ICAD2016)
dc.journal.titleProcedia CIRP

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