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    • Hierarchical modeling of opv-based crossbar architectures 

      Zahir A; Mahmoud A; Pulimeno A; Graziano M; Piccinini G; Lugli P (IEEE, 2014)
      Recently, molecular devices with interesting behaviour like conductance, switching, rectification, gate modulation and negative differential resistance were realized. In this paper we propose a method to model hierachical ...
    • Modular framework for molecular-FET device-to-circuit modeling 

      Zahir A; Pulimeno A; Demarchi D; Graziano M; Piccinini G; Mahmoud A; Lugli P (IEEE, 2015)
      Recently, several molecular devices have been realized with interesting properties like conductance, switching, gate modulation and negative differential resistance. In this paper we present a new modular framework based ...