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    • Density-functional based tight-binding calculations on thiophene polymorphism 

      Widany J; Daminelli G; Di Carlo A; Lugli P (University of Glasgow, 2000)
      In this work we present the results of density-functional based tight-binding (DFTB) calculations on the inter-molecular interaction of the following thiophene crystals: /spl beta/-tetramethyl-quaterthiophene (TM4T), ...
    • Microscopic modeling of GaN-based heterostructures 

      Sacconi F; Della Sala F; Di Carlo A; Lugli P (University of Glasgow, 2000)
      The realization of blue lasers and power HEMTs has brought a lot of attention to nitride-based heterostructures. When grown in the wurtzite structures (which is actually the most interesting one), nitrides display a non-zero ...