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    • 3D-numerical Refinements to Simulate High-Head Power Plants 

      Gabl R; Achleitner S; Neuner J; Aufleger M (Tsinghua Univ. Press, 2013)
      The presented work deals with the coupling of 1D- and 3D-numerical approaches to simulate water hammer effects and surge tanks of high-head power plants. 3D-numerical simulations are used for an optimization process for ...
    • Adapted Evaluation Criterion For The Velocity Distribution In Front Of Turbines 

      Gabl R; Achleitner S; Innerhofer D; Aufleger M (Curran Associates, Inc., 2015)
      Most criteria for the evaluation of velocity distributions (VD) in front of turbines in river power plants are derived for the section of the trash rack. Hence, an optimization of the approaching flow behind this section ...
    • Alternative To Existing Pipe-Break Valves In High-Head Power Plants 

      Seibl J; Gabl R; Birkner F; Aufleger M (Curran Associates, Inc., 2015)
      In case of a massive failure in the penstock of a high-head power plant, pipe-break valves uncouple the nearly horizontal part from the endangered and also mainly strained section. In addition to the prime cost of such ...