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    • Composite Capabilities for Cloud Manufacturing 

      de Silva L; Felli P; Logan B; Ratchev S (Curran Associates, Inc., 2018)
      We present a tool for extracting and abstracting the composite or ‘collective’ capabilities of a multi-agent system (MAS) given the individual capabilities of the agents in the MAS. We consider a set- ting where agents ...
    • 'Knowing Whether' in Proper Epistemic Knowledge Bases 

      Miller T; Felli P; Muise C; Pearce AR; Sonenberg L (AAAI Press, 2016)
      Proper epistemic knowledge bases (PEKBs) are syntactic knowledge bases that use multi-agent epistemic logic to represent nested multi-agent knowledge and belief. PEKBs have certain syntactic restrictions that lead to ...