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    • Energetic and economic assessment of a hybrid system designed for a multi-family house 

      Bellini A; Dipasquale C; Fedrizzi R (AEE INTEC, 2016)
      This paper aims to highlight, through model-based simulations, the possible energy consumption eduction in residential buildings, by adopting hybrid heating and cooling systems that integrate solar energy with other sources ...
    • Energy building retrofitting of a multifamily house: a case study 

      Dipasquale C; Fedrizzi R; Bertesina D; Bellini A (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2015)
      The residential sector contributes largely to the energy consumption in Europe: around 40% of the EU energy use (RHC-ETP, 2011).  For a massive reduction of the energy consumption in the European residential sector, a ...
    • Survey and simulation of energy use in the European building stock 

      Birchall S; Gustafsson M; Wallis I; Dipasquale C; Bellini A; Fedrizzi R (Aalborg University, 2016)
      Buildings account for around 40% of the final energy consumption in Europe and are central in the work towards increased energy efficiency. In order to plan and perform effective energy renovation of the buildings, it is ...