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    • Circuit and system implementations of molecular devices 

      Lugli P; Abdellah A; Albert E; Csaba G; Erlen C; Fabel B; Gong Q; Scarpa G; Chan-Park M; Divina P (IEEE, 2009)
      We illustrate a couple of circuit implementations of molecular devices, chosen as representative examples in the growing field of molecular electronics. On the one side, we discuss the performance of organic thin film ...
    • Solution-processable random carbon nanotube networks for thin-film transistors 

      Gong Q; Albert E; Fabel B; Abdellah A; Lugli P; Chan-Park M; Scarpa G (IEEE, 2011)
      We report a straightforward process to fabricate carbon nanotube field-effect transistors based on random nanotube networks. This solution-based approach is simple, fast and reliable, which can be applied to printed ...