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    • A BCI using VEP for continuous control of a mobile robot 

      Kapeller C; Hintermüller C; Abu-Alqumsan M; Prückl R; Peer A; Guger C (IEEE, 2013)
      A brain-computer interface (BCI) translates brain activity into commands to control devices or software. Common approaches are based on visual evoked potentials (VEP), extracted from the electroencephalogram (EEG) during ...
    • Towards Robotic Re-Embodiment using a Brain-and-Body-Computer Interface 

      Martens N; Jenke R; Abu-Alqumsan M; Kapeller C; Hintermüller C; Guger C; Peer A; Buss M (IEEE, 2012)
      Early stages in the development of a Brain-and-Body-Computer Interface controlled robot avatar are presented. The robot is aimed at performing well-defined daily tasks upon the choice and on behalf of a user. We built on ...