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    • Large-area fabrication of antennas and nanodiodes 

      Barei M; Kälblein D; Krenz P; Zschieschang U; Klauk H; Scarpa G; Fabel B; Porod W; Lugli P (Springer New York, 2014)
      The conventional fabrication method in semiconductor technology or nanoelectronics is electron beam lithography. We present a new fabrication method that enables the fabrication of high amount microscale and nanoscale ...
    • Nano Antennas for Energy Conversion 

      Iniewski K; Bareiß M; Hochmeister A; Jegert G; Koblmüller G; Zschieschang U; Klauk H; Fabel B; Scarpa G; Porod W; Lugli P (CRC Press, 2013)