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    • Geoheritage and Geoparks in Africa and the Middle-East: Challenges and Perspectives 

      Errami E; Schneider G; Ennih N; Randrianaly HN; Bendaoud A; Noubhani A; Norman N; Allan M; Vasconcelos L; Costa L; Al-Wosabi M; Al-Subbary A; Mabvuto-Ngwira P; Okunlola G; Halliru SL; Andrianaivo L; Siby S; Ketchemen B; Gauly M; Hassine M; Azki F; Juliette T; Lattrache K; Omulo M; Bobrowsky P (Springer, 2015)
      Africa and the Middle East consist of a rich geodiversity, which is regrettably not well known by the public. This is due partly to limited research and studies undertaken in geoheritage and geoconservation in these parts ...