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    • Path-Planning and Trajectory-Planning Algorithms: a General Overview 

      Gasparetto A; Boscariol P; Lanzutti A; Vidoni R (Springer, 2015)
      Path planning and trajectory planning are crucial issues in the field of Robotics and, more generally, in the field of Automation. Indeed, the trend for robots and automatic machines is to operate at increasingly high ...
    • Rap: A new wearable/portable device for extracorporeal blood ultrafiltration 

      Boscariol P; Boschetti G; Via A; De Rossi N; Neri M; Palomba I; Richiedei D; Ronco C; Trevisani A (Springer, 2019)
      The interest in the design of portable and wearable medical devices is related to both the relevant clinical and social benefits for patients and the potential economic savings for national health services. The development ...