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    • Laboratory/Demonstration-Scale Developments 

      Baratieri M; Patuzzi F (Elsevier, 2018)
      Gasification processes come with great challenges regardless of the scale. Pilot-scale facilities encounter various problems, such as low conversion efficiencies or tar removal, which usually need significant trial and ...
    • Large wood recruitment and transport during a severe flash flood in North-Western Italy 

      Lucía, A; Comiti, F; Borga, M; Cavalli, M; Marchi, L (Springer International Publishing, 2014)
      On October 25th 2011, the Magra river basin (North-western Italy) was hit by an extreme meteorological event, with hourly rainfall rates up to 130 mm h−1 and event rain accumulations up to 540 mm. Such large rainfall ...
    • Large-area fabrication of antennas and nanodiodes 

      Barei M; Kälblein D; Krenz P; Zschieschang U; Klauk H; Scarpa G; Fabel B; Porod W; Lugli P (Springer New York, 2014)
      The conventional fabrication method in semiconductor technology or nanoelectronics is electron beam lithography. We present a new fabrication method that enables the fabrication of high amount microscale and nanoscale ...
    • Livelihood and economy of reed wetlands 

      Köbbing, JF; Thevs, N; Patuzzi, F; Baratieri, M (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2014)
    • Masking Effects for Damping JND 

      Rank M; Schauß T; Peer A; Hirche S; Klatzky R (Springer, 2012)
      Two psychophysical experiments are conducted to identify masking effects for the perception of damping. The results indicate that the just noticeable difference for damping increases with the magnitude of additional masking ...
    • Microscopic Analysis of Noise Behavior in Semiconductor Devices by the Cellular Automaton Method 

      Rein A; Zandler G; Saraniti M; Lugli P; Vogl P (Springer US, 1996)
      Noise is one of the crucial features in modern semiconductor devices. Nevertheless, only a few microscopic investigations of intrinsic noise behavior of semiconductor devices in the GHz regime have been performed in the ...
    • MIG-welding of dissimilar advanced high strength steel sheets 

      Kalácska E; Májlinger K; Fábián ER; Russo Spena P (Trans Tech Publications, 2017)
      The need for steel materials with increasing strength is constantly growing. The main application of such advanced high strength steels (AHSS) is the automobile industry, therefore the welding process of different types ...
    • Moderne Formen für die dezentrale und geographisch verteilte Produktion von morgen = Modern forms for decentralized and geographically distributed production of tomorrow 

      Matt, DT; Rauch, E (Gito, 2013)
      Germany has maintained its position as one of the leading countries in terms of technology and constantly expands through targeted innovation policy and the promotion of education and research. In the future, a number of ...
    • Modes and Mechanisms of Speciation 

      Schuler H; Hood GR; Egan SP; Feder JL (Wiley, 2016)
      In The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin described the formation of new species as the “mystery of mysteries”. More than 150 years after Darwin first posed the problem much progress has been made in discerning what creates ...
    • Molecular electronics: challenges and perspectives 

      Lugli P; Locci S; Erlen C; Csaba G (Springer New York, 2010)
      Molecular electronics has lately attracted increasing attention due to some appealing features such as possibly very higher integration capabilities, their low production cost, flexibility in the substrate choice, and ...
    • Monitoring and modeling large wood transport in a mountain basin of North-eastern Italy 

      Lucía, A; Antonello, A; Campana, D; Cavalli, M; Crema, S; Franceschi, S; Marchese, E; Niedrist, M; Schneiderbauer, S; Comiti, F (Springer, 2015)
      An integrated investigation based on field surveys and GIS modeling is being carried out in the Rienz basin (630 km2, Eastern Italian Alps), to predict large wood (LW) recruitment and transport during large flood events. ...
    • Monte Carlo calculation of hot electrons and hot phonons. Chapter 1 

      Lugli P (Elsevier, 1992)
       A full Monte Carlo technique for the study of electron and phonon dynamics in bulk GaAs, InP and in AlGaAs-GaAs quantum wells has been presented. The method does not require any assumption on the form of the distribution ...
    • Monte Carlo investigation of hot photoexcited electron relaxation in GaAs 

      Osman M; Grubin H; Lugli P; Kann M; Ferry D (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1987)
      Recently, several authors [1–3] have investigated the dynamics of electron-hole plasma generated by picosecond and sub-picosecond laser pulses in GaAs. These measurements have indicated the importance of electron-hole ...
    • The Monte Carlo Method for Semiconductor Device Simulation 

      Jacoboni C; Lugli P (Springer Vienna, 1989)
      The application of the Monte Carlo method to the simulation of semiconductor devices is presented. A review of the physics of transport in semiconductors is given, followed by an introduction to the physics of semiconductor ...
    • Monte Carlo models and simulations 

      Lugli P (Springer London, 1993)
      A critical review of the Monte Carlo (MC) simulation as applied to semiconductor device modeling is presented. The general principles of the method are analized and discussed in detail, together with the physical model ...
    • Nano Antennas for Energy Conversion 

      Iniewski K; Bareiß M; Hochmeister A; Jegert G; Koblmüller G; Zschieschang U; Klauk H; Fabel B; Scarpa G; Porod W; Lugli P (CRC Press, 2013)
    • Nanoelektronik: Kleiner-schneller-besser 

      Russer P; Lugli P; Weitze M (Springer-Verlag, 2014)
      Die Nanoelektronik ist gekennzeichnet einerseits durch die Entwicklung der elektronischen Bauelemente auf Basis der vorherrschenden Siliziumtechnologie in Richtung auf kleinere Strukturgrößen, höhere Integrationsdichten ...
    • Non-indigenous plant species in Central European forest ecosystems 

      Zerbe, S (Springer, 2007)
      In the study presented here, the occurrence of non-indigenous vascular plant species in Central European forest ecosystems is outlined with regard to the current state and future perspectives. A focus is laid on Germany. ...
    • Numerical optimization in ropeway planning 

      Thaler H; Wenin M; Brunner J; Reiterer D; Modanese G; Oberhuber E; Bertotti, ML (Springer Singapore, 2017)
      Planning a cable railway is a complex task. One has to take into account many aspects and an optimal solution is not well defined. The calculation of the cable configurations for given support positions, cable pretension ...
    • OGM e diversità delle comunità microbiche nel suolo 

      Brusetti L; Borin S; Daffonchio D; Sorlini C (Istituto nazionale di ricerca per gli alimenti e la nutrizione, 2006)