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    • First-principles study of a novel molecular rectifier 

      Mahmoud A; Lugli P (2013)
      Designing molecular structures to meet certain behavior has become an important step in the field of molecular electronics. Interestingly, linker groups between molecules and electrodes show a critical role in the ...
    • Rectennas revisited 

      Bareiß M; Krenz P; Szakmany G; Tiwari B; Kälblein D; Orlov A; Bernstein G; Scarpa G; Fabel B; Zschieschang U; Klauk H; Porod W; Lugli P (2013)
      In the late 1960s, a new concept was proposed for an infrared absorbing device called a "rectenna" that, combining an antenna and a nanoscale metal-insulator-metal diode rectifier, collects electromagnetic radiation in the ...